As a PhD student at the Centre for Pharmaceutical Oncology, Noor is on the cusp of an exciting discovery in breast cancer treatment.

Q: Please explain the focus of your research?

With an overall success rate of just 15 per cent, winning funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) is a steep challenge. As the federal agency that stewards Canada’s health research strategy, CIHR supports talented researchers pursuing cutting-edge scientific discoveries, for the benefit of Canadians and people throughout the world.

Pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare professionals in Canada, dispensing and providing advice on 600 million prescriptions a year, according to the Canadian Pharmacists Association. Drug therapy management is a key function of pharmacists but in recent years, there has been significant evolution in scope and role for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. With governments of all levels calling for better integration across healthcare, it is likely the role of pharmacists will...

The Ontario Pharmacy Evidence Network (OPEN) awarded 2 million in funding to advance work in medication management

TORONTO, February 13, 2018 – Medications can improve health and save lives, but they are not without risk. With prescription medication in Ontario costing $10.6 billion per year, new strategies to help patients and healthcare providers choose, use, and remove medications are critical to providing better care and ensuring financial...

In the last five years, more has been discovered about the human microbiome, and its impact on health, than was ever known before. From obesity to immunotherapy response, the bacteria in our gut appear to play a fundamental role in our overall health.

Mental wellness is key to academic success. We are pleased to announce a new student service that will expand the mental health support provided by U of T’s Health & Wellness program.

As of January 10, 2018, Rachel Van de Vooren will be our student-focused Wellness Counsellor and will offer brief counselling services tailored to support LDFP students who may be struggling with the many challenges presented by university life.

Being a graduate student can be hard. Diving into new scientific territory is daunting. Success requires resilience, persistence and support from supervisors and mentors.

Medication management is at the core of pharmacists’ clinical practice and contribution to patient care.  The Centre for Practice Excellence (CPE) at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy supports innovation and leadership in this field through the Collaborative Research Seed Funding (CRSF) Program.