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The Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Toronto is committed to providing students with incredible opportunities to explore global health in the context of the pharmacy field.

Students have the opportunity to participate in amazing summer internships around the globe, applying the skills learned in the classroom to real-life healthcare situations. To learn more about the summer internships available through the Faculty, please click on the following links:




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Supporters and Organizations

Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy Enhancing the Student Experience Fund

The Enhancing the Student Experience Fund was established through the generous support of alumni, industry, friends, faculty, and staff of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy.

Each year, funds are available to students in all programs at the Faculty in support of the various events and activities that enhance the student experience.

Please click here to learn more about the Enhancing the Student Experience Fund.

Please click here for an Enhancing the Student Experience Fund application form.

Global Medicines Initiative

Global Medicines Initiative is a student-run organization that promotes awareness and education regarding issues and policies that influence international access to drugs.

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Student Internship Experiences

Summer 2013

UNITAID - Geneva, Switzerland
Mircea Eftimescu and Sheena Talwa's internship at UNITAID consisted of creating malaria. TB, and HIV medicines landscape updates among other activities. (Link to presentation)

Sanigest Internship - San Jose, Costa Rica
Anh Nguyen and Faridah Sadaat did a health care consultancy internship at Sanigest's San Jose office in Costa Rica. They worked on projects that aimed to help low and middle income countries improve their health care systems. (Link to presentation)

St Mary's Hospital Lacor - Uganda Internship
Stephanie Liu's summer internship in Uganda was based on an ARV dosing research project among other activities. (Link to presentation)

Katutura ART Clinic - Namibia
BSc Pharmacy students Mona Younis and Dina Carovska have created a blog outlining their experiences while in Namibia. Click here to find out more. (Link to presentation)

Summer 2012

UNITAID - Geneva, Switzerland
BSc Pharmacy student Nancy Guo and Master student Garima Talwar (Public Health at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health) interned at the UNITAID organization in the summer of 2012. Nancy's work included writing an HIV/AIDS preventatives landscape manuscript, participating in conference calls, and attending WHO and UN events. Garima's work included writing an annotated bibliography on malaria commodity markets, attending the Malaria Market Forum, and attending WHO and UN events. (Link to presentation)

Katutura ART Clinic - Namibia
Amber-lee Carrière (BSc, BSc Pharm student) and Erin Ready (BSc Pharm student) both did their internship at the Katutura Health Centre in the summer of 2012. They developed a formal patient safety and pharmacovigilance report for the KHC. They also designed a simple stamp system for use at the KHC and had posters in English, Oshiwambo, and Afrikaans around the clinic to inform patients of the new system. (Link to presentation)

Rabin Martin - New York, NY
Samantha Young interned at the Rabin Martin organization from June to August 2012. Samantha's work included writing reports, monitoring media on a daily basis, crafting proposals, publishing press releases, and attended the 2012 International AIDS Conference. (Link to presentation)

Summer 2011

Katutura ART Clinic - Namibia
Heather Bannerman and Priya Bansal interned at the Katutura Health Centre Placement in the summer of 2011. They were involved in multiple projects from dispensing antiretroviral (ARV) and tuberculosis medications to HIV patients, counselling patients in English, basic Oshivambo and Afrikaans, and creating educational posters for the counsellors and other clinic staff to use. (Link to presentation)

World Health Organization - Geneva, Switzerland
Pharmacy student Sarah Bonazza interned at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland in the summer of 2011. Her work focused on doing research on a literature review for the Good Governance for Medicines Programme. She conducted detailed and critical review of methodologies used to measure the impact of corruption, good governance, and transparency in a wide variety of organizations worldwide. (Link to presentation)